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So I have this trip to thank for my new found love for cherry ice cream. I’ve always enjoyed cherry flavored things but on our trip out to the Rockies we found this adorable little shop called Colorado Cherry Company. The beautiful thing about it is it isn’t located off of a busy highway or high traffic area. It’s literally off of a winding road which feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere. Our trip was in June and well, as you can imagine, out west was pretty hot during that time. So we decided to give this place a shot. It was adorable inside. Very quaint and very much our cup of tea. It had homemade EVERYTHING you could imagine. What caught my eye on this hot day was their variety of homemade ice cream staring at me from across the room. An assortment of cones and many decisions later and I was enjoying literally the best ice cream I have ever had. Of course I had to pick the cherry flavor, duh!  Not sure what it is but I have always loved my ice cream on a cone rather than a cup. To me it just makes it taste better.

We saw a building across from this place with a giant feather mural decorating their brick that I just had to take a picture in front of. Of course James took his candids like he always does, that’s why my face looks like that in the last picture. But anyway, James got a homemade cherry flavored drink and I completely forgot what kind it was. All I remember was that too was delicious and gone in just a few sips. Oh man that place had everything from homemade pie, jam, candy, you name it. I wish I had an unlimited supply of cash money because I would have bought out that place. If anybody has ever tried Colorado Cherry Company I’d like to hear about what you thought. If anyone ever visits the Rockies, you have got to try this ice cream. Or better yet if anyone lives in Colorado and has tried their stuff, spread the word! (Make it a chain) I’d love my dose of this place around here. 😉
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